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Studio Slasher

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

For those of you wondering if staying at Wits Archi Studio @ night was safe....

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Comments for Studio Slasher
Very cool video, entertaining, specially the part where she walks up the ramp, to end up back down in the east bubble...

the ugly bathroom sign scream,

the mouse which slowly slides out of the frame before strangling someone, (good reason to go wireless).

Then the slight oversight of the missing person in front of the now strangled victim, who would have been visible while the mouse was sliding away.

oh and then the poor ramp victim who is not warned in any way, of the pursuing killer (real studio culture).

Liked the music, fitted in well...

As i said in the beggining, very entertaining...

Hi There Justin

Thanks for the compliment.

As you pointed out, yes there are numerous bloopers in the movie, some intentional and others not.

Another one being: the serial killer is wearing a watch when he tightening the mouse cord, but when he strangles her, its gone, that was intentional (a tribute to tarrantino)