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March 29: Class Updates

Wednesday, March 29, 2006
Hi Guys

Think this blog is a great idea, hope it works.

Class updates are as follows: we have a lecture tommorow morning at 8.30 and we must be pinned up by 12. The summary sketchbooks are for tommorow.

As for the rep meeting today- Feedback:

I have put forth the new Janice complaints. The IT reps are having a meeting with her on Tuesday- Where she will be cornered.

As for having no way to bring in our models: Conclusion: It's too bad- double park your car on Yale, there's nothing they can do.

The double door: Is there for security, and is here to say, so start bonding with it :)

Desks/ Lockers: There are avaible ones on F-Level, I just need some man power! Volunteers please-else you shall be delegated.

Congress: Sorry people, the deadline to pay is tommorow. If you want info on it and how its working, look on the form or visit the website: http://www.asc06.co.za

Handout Printing: Yes we should be getting proper handouts for Construction and Design instead of having to delegate them- Issue has been passed on to the Academic Reps and hopefully shall be sorted in due course.

I think that was it, if there are any questions, queries or complaints, I'm sure I'll know about it very soon.

Have a good night,

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Welcome all.. The idea of this blog is to be a method of communication for our class. Post and comment as you see fit. Briefs, worksheets, tutorials and so on will be posted by the Reps. You as the class now can have access to comment and express yourselves as Architects should be able to. Enjoy!
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